Fear of Crying plaguing parents who fly with young kids

first_img“Fear of Crying” plaguing parents who fly with young kids“Fear of Crying” plaguing parents who fly with young kidsMany Australian travellers have experienced that feeling of dread when being seated next to a crying baby or an overly energetic toddler on a long-haul flight. Passengers become instantly annoyed and parents get anxious. A new national study of 1,100 Australian travellers commissioned by Travelzoo® (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global travel deal site with exclusive offers for members, reveals what passengers and parents are really thinking when there’s a noisy child on the plane.Seven in 10 (69 percent) respondents said they’ve had a flight ruined by a crying baby or misbehaving child and 24 percent said sitting next to young children on a plane is the most annoying aspect of flying. It’s not only the surrounding passengers that feel the impact of an unruly toddler who won’t stop kicking the back of your chair or yelling in the cabin at 2am. Unsurprisingly, it also takes a toll on the parents, with over half (55 percent) of parents surveyed admitting that going on holiday with young children is more stressful than being at work!It appears travelling parents are enduring what can be a highly stressful or embarrassing situation without much sympathy from fellow travellers – only 20 percent of respondents feel they are sympathetic to what parents go through and almost three-quarters (72 percent) of Australians would like to see family-only sections introduced on flights where kids would be free to roam and play without judging looks or murmurs from other passengers. Similarly, over half (54 percent) of parents polled said they would pay more for family-friendly services on flights such as crèches, on-board nannies and kids’ activities.Jacqui Timmins, Travelzoo’s General Manager in Australia, says: “Whilst family-only zones on planes aren’t likely to happen any time soon due to the complexities of budgetary, legal and logistical issues, the industry is becoming increasingly aware of meeting the needs of travelling families. Two airlines are already easing the stress of travelling with children, and those are Etihad Airways and Qantas Airlines. Etihad Airways offers a free Flying Nanny service on long-haul flights to help parents have a smoother flight and Qantas Airlines has created Family Zones in select Qantas Club lounges, which helps children drain out their excess energy before boarding.”“More importantly, the long-term benefits of travelling with your kids far outweigh the minor stresses parents experience along the way,” says Timmins.  “Research suggests holidaying with your kids can have a long-lasting impact on their happiness later in life and actually advance brain development in children. The results of the survey present an opportunity for the wider travel industry to find innovative ways to make family travel easier and less stressful.”Children scream and cry when they get bored and/or tired, and parents shouldn’t dread the first part of their holiday so much. With this in mind, Travelzoo’s deal experts have put together their top five hacks for travelling with young kids 38,000 feet up!1.    Try to get toddlers to expend as much energy prior to boarding. If they can walk, let them walk through the airport as much as possible. Play games with them at the airport that exert energy.2.    With babies, use a dummy or bottle during take-off or landing to help avoid ear discomfort.3.    Schedule flights around the nap times or sleep cycles of your kids – or try to change their sleep patterns the day before to manipulate it so they sleep during the flight.4.    Ask your airline if they can arrange a free “meet and assist” on your flight, especially if travelling alone with kids. A staff member will meet you as you come off the plane and help you through the airport and baggage collection; you may also get early boarding depending on the airline.5.    Try introducing yourself and your children to passengers at the start of a long flight and ask them in advance to let you know if at any point they’re being disrupted.About the ResearchThe Travelzoo Survey was completed by 1,141 consumers in Australia who responded to an online questionnaire. The questionnaires were completed in July 2017.About TravelzooTravelzoo® provides our 28 million members insider deals and one-of-a-kind experiences personally reviewed by one of our deal experts around the globe. With more than 25 offices worldwide, we have our finger on the pulse of outstanding travel, entertainment and lifestyle experiences. For over 15 years we have worked in partnership with more than 2,000 top travel suppliers—our long-standing relationships allow us access to the very best deals.Travelzoo and Top 20 are registered trademarks of Travelzoo. All other names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.Source = Travelzoolast_img