Israel Appoint New IDF chief of Staff of Moroccan Origin

Rabat –  Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) new chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkot, will be the first Israeli of Moroccan descent to attain the senior post within the Israeli Army hierarchy.According to Israeli daily Haaretz, Gadi Eisenkot’s parents were born in Morocco.However, the IDF’s new chief of Staff has an Ashkenazi sounding last name which prompted many Israeli newspapers, including the Yedioth Ahronoth, to ask how come a Moroccan by origin has a last name indicating that he is of European origin. Haaretz said that Eisenkot is derived from Azenkot and other variations on that spelling that are quite popular among the Jews of Tunisia and Morocco.The name Azenkot comes from the Berber languages, where azankad means ‘deer.’ It appears in names of several Berber tribes such as the Aza Izenkad tribe of the Tata oasis and the Old Izenkad tribe, both in south Morocco, highlighted the Israeli newspaper.Haaretz went on to add that Jews with names derived from this Berber word probably had an ancestor who had some kind of relationship with these or other Berber tribes, such as trading with them or living among them.The name is recorded among Sephardic Jews as early as the 17th. According to the same source, the first record of the name was in the person of Rabbi Saadia Azencot, who lived in the Netherlands at the time, where he was teacher of famous Swiss theologian Johann Heinrich Hottinger. read more

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Top UN human rights official very concerned over state of emergency in

17 September 2007The United Nations top human rights official has voiced deep concern over the re-imposition of a state of emergency in Fiji. Under accepted rules of international law, “such far-reaching restrictions of rights may only be introduced in time of a public emergency when the life and existence of the nation is threatened,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said in a statement issued in Geneva. “Restrictions may only be applied to the extent and time strictly required by the situation and they may not be discriminatory in application. The impact of the measures imposed in Fiji is heightened by the increased pressure being placed on the independence of the country’s judiciary,” she added. Six expatriate Court of Appeal judges in the South Pacific country resigned earlier this month to protest against the acting Supreme Court Chief Justice’s handling of the administrative matters of the Court. Extended delays are said to continue in the formation of an independent tribunal to hear the case of the removal of the Chief Justice in January, the statement said, noting that the ability of truly independent institutions to function effectively and vindicate rights is indispensable, particularly in the current circumstances. Ms. Arbour underlined the need for the Fiji Human Rights Commission to play an effective and independent role in addressing current human rights challenges in the country, fully in line with the international standards applicable to national human rights institutions. read more

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Protesters ordered to stop construction at proposed LNG site near Prince Rupert

PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. – The Port of Prince Rupert has ordered opponents of a proposed liquefied natural gas plant to stop constructing a protest camp on Lelu Island on B.C.’s north coast.A notice ordering an end to construction activities was issued Monday morning after the port consulted with the leadership of local Coast Tsimshian communities, part of the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation.Port of Prince Rupert CEO Don Drusel says the port respects safe and peaceful expressions of opinion, but construction of makeshift shelters does not meet that definition and is not authorized.The federal government is expected to make a decision within weeks on the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal on the island, about 15 kilometres south of the Prince Rupert port.Lax Kw’alaams Mayor Jonn Helin sent a letter to federal officials in March, announcing the First Nation would conditionally support the Lelu Island terminal, as long as two environmental conditions were met.That letter sparked a protest within the First Nation as members demonstrated Friday outside the Lax Kw’alaams office in Port Simpson, arguing they were not consulted. (CFTK) by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 11, 2016 10:38 am MDT Last Updated Apr 11, 2016 at 11:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Protesters ordered to stop construction at proposed LNG site near Prince Rupert read more

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2015 will be tough year for humanitarian operations senior UN official warns

“When we look back at where we were this time last year we had about 52 million people in humanitarian need and we are now ending the year with over 76 million people,” UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Director of Operations John Ging told UN Radio. The cost of responding to that has grown by a similar rate from about $12.9 billion in 2013 up to $19.2 billion dollars right now, Mr. Ging added. “The poor people who are affected by the crisis…are losing their lives in the hundreds of thousands, in the millions, in fact. And with tens of millions really subsisting in terrible misery and inhumane conditions, they certainly can’t afford for this situation to continue,” he said. These people are relying on the generosity of those who have the means to help them. And while there are no clear indicators for optimism, it is important to stay hopeful, he said. “We have to work to see an end to so many of these conflicts which have been raging on and intensifying. They are manmade conflicts so they can be ended. There is a basis there for progress if we can find a way to find political solutions.” Mr. Ging stressed that 2014 was a very difficult as well as dangerous year for aid workers. “Sadly we have lost 85 colleagues so far this year in over 230 attacks on humanitarian workers. It’s very frustrated for humanitarian workers to be out there on the frontlines, underfunded facing the inhumanity and suffering, unable to deliver the assistance that people urgently need.” “But they just continue to do a heroic job. There’s no choice. We have to keep going and not give up. And the fact that they don’t give up and that they do keep going saves tens of millions of lives and reduces suffering,” he said. When asked about why some crises get more attention than others, Mr. Ging said that it is a duty to treat all people equally in terms of support. But he admitted that it is easier said than done because political attention is often focused on some of the more politically important crises.“There are places, for example, across the Sahel where 572,000 children died last year, malnourished, suffering from diseases that could be cured or prevented. There is a scale of suffering in so many places that I think the world has become quite numb in a way.” Certainly, it is difficult to gain media attention for such a broad scale of disaster across the world, Mr. Ging said. “Our job is to somehow work to raise that profile. And make sure that the way we do our humanitarian action we are focused on people and not the media spotlight and any other drivers of attention.” read more

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Premature erections and very white teeth Heres how Election 2014 is shaping

first_img Mary Fitzpatrick looks for votes from those getting off the Luas at Stephen’s Green earlier today Source: Hugh O’Connell/TheJournal.ieElsewhere, there’s an interesting battle between Emer Costello, the sitting Labour MEP who replaced the retiring Pronsias de Rossa in 2012, and her former party colleague Nessa Childers, an independent MEP for the now abolished Ireland East.Childers is likely to capitalise on the anti-Labour sentiment having quit the party in acrimonious circumstances last year and been a frequent critic of the government. But her early momentum appears to have tailed off in recent weeks to the benefit of Labour.The junior coalition partner is touting Costello as ‘Dublin’s MEP’ rather than its own and pumping a lot of resources into her campaign, viewing her as the most realistic of Labour’s three candidates to retain their seat in the European Parliament. Phil Prendergast had to battle for a spot in shot with Emer Costello at the Labour event a short time ago— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) April 29, 2014 A complete European Parliament wipeout for Labour is looking likely, but Costello could yet spring a surprise.But the real dark horse could be Eamon Ryan, the Green party leader and former minister, who is known to be transfer friendly and has run a good if under the radar campaign.He represents the Greens best hope of regaining national prominence and his transfer friendliness could be a real advantage when quotas aren’t reached and candidates start being eliminated.Elsewhere on the left, the sitting Socialist Murphy, who took Joe Higgins seat in 2011, has run a good campaign with, ironically, eye-catching posters but is unlikely to take the seat. Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall IrelandThis is partly because the ultra-left vote will split with another capable performer Bríd Smith (above) of People Before Profit who, along with Murphy, complained of having been cut from RTÉ coverage of an opinion poll.Other candidates running in the capital are independent Jim Tallon, a serial candidate in several elections all over the country, Fís Nua’s Damon Wise. While Direct Democracy Ireland has adopted the odd strategy of running two candidates, Thomas Darcy and Raymond Whitehead.Of the four, only one or both of the DDI’s two candidates have a chance of polling reasonably well given the new party’s strong performance in the Meath East by-election last year.Read: Here’s how Election 2014 is shaping up in Ireland SouthRead: Here’s how Election 2014 is shaping up in Midlands North WestRead all our Election 2014 coverage here > Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twitter Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall IrelandThe campaign has been dominated by the same issues that candidates across the country have faced most notably water charges and the rising cost of living where the so-called ‘squeezed middle’ are left without a penny at the end of the month. The housing crisis in the capital has also come to the fore in recent weeks as well.Several have reported the Shatter controversies coming on the doorstep, more than a few in Fine Gael lamenting the Minister’s departure while optimistically noting it will make matters easier on the doors.After an early poll wobble, Hayes was cognisant of the need to up his game and has deployed well-trained canvassing teams across the capital. While he is well-positioned to take a seat, succeeding the retiring Gay Mitchell, the remaining two seats are likely to go to centre or left-leaning candidates.Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan has no electoral track record of note and is widely unknown but she has performed competently during the campaign with the strong backing of the party’s star performer Mary Lou McDonald.Gerry Adams’s arrest aside, the increasingly strong support that SF enjoys in the capital means Boylan is looking a certainty to take a seat leaving a real dogfight for that last spot in Brussels. Fáil and Mary Fitzpatrick know that if they are to have a full recovery in the lead-up to the next general election then they need to do well in Dublin. Bluntly, that means taking a seat in the capital, anything else would not be party and more importantly the leadership of Micheál Martin. Serious questions will be asked if Fitzpatrick fails to win.That said she was getting a relatively good reception when we spent the morning with her canvassing on Grafton Street, people appearing to appreciate the distance she has from the old guard of the party, namely Bertie Ahern whom she fell out with some years ago. Source: Nicky Ryan/TheJournal.ieWHILE THE REST of the European election candidates have to contend with vast sprawling constituencies those running in Dublin have the advantage of being able to cover the entire three-seater in less than an hour in the car.Of course that’s if they weren’t stopping at every point to hand out a few leaflets and throw up a few posters. In fact some candidates were so keen to throw up their faces on lampposts they did it a few days early – risking the wrath of the authorities.Mary Fitzpatrick was first out of the blocks four days before she was legally allowed to do so. It was the first in a series of posters problems for the Fianna Fáil candidate. But it is the Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy who now faces fines for his premature erections.Once the posters were allowed to go up everyone was dazzled by the whiteness of Brian Hayes‘s teeth. Fine Gael insisted it was all natural and that the junior minister just happens to have some very, very pearly white gnashers.last_img read more

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Parrot Zik un casque audio dessiné par Starck

first_imgParrot Zik: un casque audio dessiné par StarckLe célèbre designer français a apporté sa patte au premier casque audio de la marque Parrot et offre un appareil parfaitement adapté à la téléphonie mobile.Comment concilier le ramage et le plumage pour un casque audio ? A cette question, le fabricant Parrot a apporté sa réponse avec le Zik, un appareil dessiné par Philippe Starck, qui dispose de capacités assez étonnantes. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?On peut citer diverses technologies telles que le système de contrôle actif de bruit hyper performant, le rendu sonore élargi, le panneau de commande tactile, le capteur de présence, le capteur de conduction osseuse pour déterminer le bruit environnant, les cinq microphones ou le processeur de traitement de signal, explique EreNumerique. Sans fil, il est doté d’une d’une batterie de 800 mAh, pour autonomie annoncée à 24 heures en utilisation.De plus, le Parrot Zik dispose d’un rendu sonore plutôt étonnant, dû à l’algorithme “Parrot Concert Hall”. Il s’agit donner l’impression d’un projection du son sur l’avant et non par les côtés, comme à l’habitude avec un casque audio, donnant ainsi l’impression de se trouver dans une salle de concert. Une application gratuite pour iOS ou Android permet d’en paramétrer les effets. Enfin, l’isolation sonore a été particulièrement travaillée pour éviter l’intrusion de bruits parasites. Il sera disponible en juillet pour 349 euros.Le 11 juin 2012 à 17:39 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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The History of Breasts in Comic Books

first_img Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Stay on target Comic books – or at least Western superhero comic books – have always celebrated an idealized version of the human body. Male heroes are chiseled specimens of muscle with less body fat than an Olympic swimmer and abs so defined they stick out through layers of spandex. Every inch of their physical form is designed to fight evil.Female heroes, though, are a little different. Instead of being built like bodybuilders or athletes, they tend to resemble girlie mag models or Baywatch babes. Sure, they’re slim and trim but you’re hard-pressed to find one that’s not sporting a massive rack. Anyone who knows anything about strong women can tell you that big boobs aren’t that ergonomic.How did that happen? Who decided that huge boobs were the default female anatomy for superheroines, and how have cup sizes changed through the years? Come with us as we seriously explore this sensitive subject, with maybe a little tweak or two along the way to keep things lively.Early DaysThe first superheroines from the 1940s – characters like Sun Girl, the Blonde Phantom and of course Wonder Woman – had reasonably realistic builds. As their characters generally weren’t expected to resort to fisticuffs and feats of strength, they remained mostly slender throughout the next few decades. There were, of course, exceptions – Phantom Lady, published by Quality Comics, was illustrated by artist Matt Baker in a revealing costume that was designed to distract the crooks she fought.The idea of sex appeal as part of a female hero’s power set wasn’t explored all that much back then, and with the dawn of the Comics Code Authority in 1954 Phantom Lady got covered up and eventually canceled. The archetype of the “femme fatale,” a bold and dangerous woman who wielded sexuality like a weapon,In the 1960s, DC implemented an in-house editorial policy that read, in part, “Women, when used in plot structure, should be secondary in importance, and should be drawn realistically, without exaggeration of feminine physical qualities.”The King’s QueenNo artist is as influential in American comic books as Jack Kirby. His career spans half a century and features the creation of pretty much the entire Marvel universe and a big chunk of the DC one to boot. Kirby brought a drawing style that stepped away from the mannered realism of the day in favor of a muscular, abstract vision of the human form. His anatomy was unlike anything on earth, but all of Kirby’s figures burst with energy.That extended to his women, too. In 1971, he created Big Barda – an Amazonian warrior from the dark planet Apokolips who defected from the side of evil to partner with Mr. Miracle. With a body based on zaftig singer Lainie Kazan, Barda represented a new direction in comic book pulchritude. Sure, she was stacked, but she had a frame that matched, with broad shoulders and hips. Kirby, always the innovator, knew it was possible to make women beautiful and powerful, but few artists followed his lead.More PowerDC Comics introduced Power Girl in the pages of All Star Comics in 1976 as a way to get Superman out of that title and inject some fresh blood into the adventures of the Justice Society. Wally Wood, who was the artist for the character’s debut, decided to push her figure in a thicker direction than most of the era’s mod-flavored heroines. Clad in a skin-tight white singlet with a big scoop (and later a hole) cut for her cleavage, Power Girlwas all about the boobs.According to writer Jimmy Palmiotti, Wood made a bet with a studiomate that he could draw PG’s chest bigger every issue and DC editorial wouldn’t notice. If you look at that original run, her cup size does swell issue after issue. After All Star was canceled, the character stuck around as the company’s boobiest hero. Artists like Bart Sears continued to depict her as top-heavy, but others like Alex Ross made her more muscular to balance them out.In the 1970s, Marvel attempted to win female readers with a number of titles, including Ms. Marvel (whose heroine was ostensibly feminist), Dazzler and She-Hulk. All of those characters still stuck to the now-traditional body type of a narrow waist and shoulders capped off by large breasts.To the ExtremeThe 90s were all about pushing the envelope. It was the decade where silicone breast implants finally took off, and now seemingly everybody in Hollywood had a perfectly spherical pair of D-cups. Characters who had previously boasted more reasonable anatomy started to puff and swell.The apotheosis of this trend came in the form of artist Jim Balent, who started drawing DC’s Catwoman book in 1993 and stayed on it until 1999. Previous interpretations of the thieving villain and sometimes romantic interest of Bruce Wayne portrayed her as lithe and, well, catlike. Balent threw that out the window, wrapping her purple bodysuit around a massive set of hoons and twisting her into poses that showed them off at every opportunity.When Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke took over the character in 2001, they deliberately returned her to her more agile build. Balent went on to self-publish titles like Tarot: Witch Of The Black Rose where his love for massive hooters could roam unfettered.Back to RealityOver the last decade or so, superheroes have moved out of their ancestral home in comics and onto the big screen and TV. That’s also created a rebound effect as publishers try to keep their characters closer to their movie appearances. For male heroes, it’s not as difficult – they just have to shrink them down a bit, because actors are pretty ripped these days. Women, though, simply don’t come built like that in the real world, and if they’ve had the surgery to get there they typically aren’t known for their acting chops.So you see actresses like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jennifer Garner as Elektra – women who are slim and muscular but with normal human-sized breasts. And fans don’t seem to complain about their physique like they did about Michael Keaton as Batman.Behind the BraThere’s actually a pretty fascinating Reddit thread where this question is hashed over. Some suggest that superhuman strength allows comic book women to ignore the discomfort of having huge boobs, while others connect the genetic tinkering done by the Celestials on the Earthlings of the Marvel universe with a propensity for increased bust size. My favorite theory comes from user “expert02,” who states:Having superpowers usually takes a lot of energy. And humans get energy from food.The superheroine’s body “assumes” any child will have similar energy/food requirements as itself, so the breasts grow larger to contain the extra milk for the child. That’s a new one on me. Whatever the reason, the great breast debate rages on. Some interesting recent developments include heroes in an even wider range of body types, like Valiant’s Faith who has big boobs, but a frame that’s built to support them. At the same time, a conservative backlash to that diversity is building, with fans devoted to big boobies claiming that they’re being put down by the PC police.We’re firm believers that all boobs are beautiful, so hopefully, the comics industry will catch up with the real world.More on History of Sexbots in MoviesThe Greatest Romances in Comic Book HistoryThe Complete History of Rock Stars Making Comicslast_img read more

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Rafa Benitez delighted with the addition of Almiron

first_imgNewcastle United manager Rafael Benitez has expressed happiness over the addition of Miguel Almiron to his current squad.The Magpies are currently in and around the relegation zone in the Premier League but Benitez insists the signing of the former Atlanta United attacking midfielder will give the club a boost in attack.Benítez said, according to the club’s official website:“We were following Miguel Almirón for a while, and we saw a player with some pace in attack, who can play behind the striker. We have someone who can score goals and give assists.”Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“We know that MLS is a different challenge to the Premier League but he has the potential to do what we are expecting, and what we need.”“From talking to the lad, you can tell that he is really focussed and wants to do well. He wants to be successful and he wants to help the team, to score goals and give assists if it is possible.”“His impact in MLS has been really good – he’s been one of the best players this year – and hopefully he can give us more competition and more quality in the final third.”“I am pleased that the hard work behind the scenes has ended positively and I thank everyone for their efforts.”last_img read more

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ASA and ISA Team Up to Deliver Inaugural Biotech Roundtable

first_imgASA Illinois Director Ron Moore and CEO Steve Censky, along with President Ray Gaesser of Iowa spoke with more than 100 farmers, researchers, leaders of agricultural organizations and federal officials yesterday in Washington, in a discussion of the worldwide benefits of agricultural biotechnology.The first-ever D.C. Biotechnology Roundtable, presented jointly by the Illinois Soybean Association and ASA, focused on a discussion of the acceleration of government approval of biotech seed for soybeans and other crops.Moore took part in a three-farmer panel on on-farm biotech use in the soybean, wheat and corn. Also on the panel were representatives from the National Corn Growers Association and the National Association of Wheat Growers.Censky joined Michael Hawkins of the Embassy of Canada in Washington to discuss the approach to biotechnology issues from like-minded countries including the U.S. and Canada, and stressed the strong cooperation of our two countries in this effort.In addition, Ambassador Darci Vetter, chief agricultural negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative delivered the keynote address, and other regulatory speakers included EPA’s Dan Kenny, USDA-APHIS’ Michael Firko, U. S. Department of Agriculture, and Jack Bobo, U.S. Department of State. Additional speakers included David Zilberman, University of California-Berkeley, Jim Sutter, U.S. Soybean Export Council, MAIZALL’s Floyd Gaibler and Gary Martin of the North American Grain Exporters Association.  Firko talked about the progress USDA is making in clearing the backlog of approval of new biotechnology designed to help crops withstand pests, disease and harsh climate and to use crop nutrients more efficiently.Zilberman said that approvals for new biotechnology traits for soybean seed can take 10-15 years, pushing costs as high as $160 million to commercialize new biotechnology.Robert Paarlberg, renowned author and advisor to numerous food and agricultural organizations worldwide, reiterated the proven safety of biotechnology. A professor of political science at Wellesley College and public policy at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Paarlberg observed that opposition to biotechnology comes from environmental and anti-globalization groups in more affluent countries, particularly the European Union. He said the current state of worldwide regulation deprives people of food by preventing use of biotechnology by farmers in poorer countries who are growing food crops such as wheat, rice and potatoes, and making the technology available only to farmers in affluent countries, such as the United States, who raise biotech crops, such as soybeans and corn for livestock feed.While hosted by ISA and ASA, the meeting was sponsored by DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto, the New York Corn & Soybean Association, U.S. Soybean Export Council, FLM+, Indiana Soybean Alliance, National Association of Wheat Growers, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, National Corn Growers Association, Dow AgroSciences and Ohio Soybean Council.last_img read more

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Sonos One Smart Speaker Launches With Alexa Support

first_imgNews Email Sonos took the time it needed to create a voice-controlled speaker the company believes will deliver great music listening at homePhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Oct 25, 2017 – 2:40 pm Announced earlier this month, the Sonos One smart speaker became available on Oct. 25. Billed as “the smart speaker for music lovers,” golden-ear listeners such as Rick Rubin were consulted during product development to ensure great sound quality. Sonos One is supported by the Amazon Alexa voice assistant at launch with support anticipated for Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri next year.”There are quicker paths to getting the product to market,” director of partnerships Ryan Taylor told Billboard, “but there’s also the right path to launching the right, intuitive experience that falls in line with consumers’ expectations.” In this case, make that high expectations, raised by Sonos’ emphasis on sound quality and listening experience.Sonos was in the running to be a bigger player sooner in the voice-controlled, connected home, and they still have relationships internationally and with artists that can help establish a strong market footing. Sonos presently has full voice support for Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and SiriusXM, with plans for Spotify and additional services later this year. Sonos also launched its “Works with Sonos” partnership program and developer portal earlier this month, hoping to reach a higher level both for itself, its partners, and for voice-controlled music at home.What Are The Top 50 Lyric Requests For Songs On Amazon Alexa?Read more Sonos One Smart Speaker Launches With Alexa Support Twitter Facebook Sonos Smart Speaker Aims For Great Sound sonos-one-smart-speaker-launches-alexa-supportlast_img read more

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PK 13 Days China BoxOffice Collection Aamir Starrer Collects ₹9034 Crore

first_img‘PK’ Box Office CollectionfacebookAamir Khan’s “PK” is cruising towards making history in China as the film is set to make whooping ₹100 crore in the country. According to trade analysts, the film is the biggest Bollywood hit in China and is now unstoppable in its collections.Trade analyst Taran Adarsh have tweeted that Aamir Khan film has made ₹90.34 crore in 13 days and will reach ₹100 crore in its third weekend.#PK is UNSTOPPABLE in China. Total till Wed [3 June; 13th day]: ₹ 90.34 cr. Should cross ₹ 100 cr in Weekend 3. AWESOME.— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) June 4, 2015Whereas, “PK” is now the highest grossing Bollywood film in overseas market with a collection of more than ₹250 crore.”PK” was released in China on 22 May in approximately 4,500 screens. The film also features Anushka Sharma in the female lead role and Sushant Singh Rajput in a guest appearance.The film had stirred a series of discussions in the Chinese media as well and the director of the film. Rajkumar Hirani is excited about the kind of reception his film recieved in China.”I had never imagined that ‘PK’ would be received so lovingly in China. A rating of 8.8, a 4,600-screen release and business as huge as of North America. It furthers my belief that content is king,” Hirani told IANS.last_img read more

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Jamaat leaders on tour to thwart reforms

first_imgBangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami logoCentral leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami have taken up divisional and district level organisational tours of the country to thwart reforms in the party, which include apology for the party’s role during the liberation war. During the tour, they are sternly speaking out against the pro-reform leaders.There has been no progress in the announcement made by Jamaat, under pressure from the reformists, about changing the name of the party.The committee formed for creating a new party held two meetings over the past month and a half, where it was decided to take the opinion of well-wishers regarding the possible formation of a new party, leadership and other details.It was also decided to look into what sort of political parties are formed in various Muslim countries of the world. Many Jamaat leaders are eager to know more about how Ikhwanul Muslimin formed the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt. However, many leaders see all this simply as a means of delay.Policymakers within the party are reportedly more interested in suppressing the reformists than forming a new party. Most of the central leaders are now touring the country to this end, calling for unity among the party activists and supporters at the grassroots, and warning them against the reformists.They are telling the party workers that those who have left the party at this crucial time, on the excuse of various demands, are actually betraying the party.Jamaat secretary general Shafiqur Rahman is touring Sylhet city, naib-e-amir Golam Parwar is touring Khulna, Rafiqul Islam Khan is visiting Sirajganj and Rajshahi while Abdullah Md Taher went to Cumilla. Incidentally, Abdullah Taher last week surrendered to a court in Cumilla and has been sent to jail.On 22 March, according to party sources, Jamaat held a gathering in Bhawal National Park, Gazipur, in the guise of a picnic. Over 200 persons attending the event which was addressed by member of the party’s central working council and Dhaka City South secretary general Shafiqul Islam Masud.Video footage of the meeting shows Shafiqul Islam, in an oblique reference to the reformists, saying, ‘Those who think Jamaat should be finished in the face of repression and oppression are wrong. This is a betrayal and is disloyal. Those who use the 30 December election to conduct research and demoralise us are committing ‘haram’, sinning.’In recent times, under pressure, Jamaat announced it would be forming a new party. A five-member committee was formed, headed by Shafiqur Rahman.The committee has not proceeded far in the one-and-a-half months since it was formed. A few of the leaders, including Shafiqur Rahman, recently visited Saudi Arabia and informally met with the party leaders and workers there, ostensibly to display that the party remained consolidated.Influential Jamaat leader Abdur Razzak resigned from the party on 15 February, having failed to convince the leaders to bring about reforms in the party and to tend in an apology to the nation for opposing the liberation war.Abdur Razzak had been a senior assistant secretary general of the party. Another important leader of the party, Mujibur Rahman (Manju), was expelled from the party for openly taking a stand in this regard. Under pressure of the circumstances, Jamaat had announced the formation of a new organisation.Reformist leaders in Jamaat say that the announcement for a new organisation was made on the spur of the moment, to slip out from under the pressure. There is tension within the party, with conservative leaders on one side and the reformists on the other. Both sides are active. Immediately after the leaders headed by Shafiqur Rahman returned to Bangladesh, reformist leader and former Jamaat member of parliament Shahjahan Chowdhury set off for Saudi Arabia, too. Jamaat is organisationally strong in Saudi Arabia and its members are financially sound there. They contribute to Jamaat’s central fund.When Jamaat’s naib-e-amir, secretary general and three members of the executive council were contacted about these issues, they did not respond. The leaders have been warned from a high level in the party against talking to the media.Known to be an observer of Jamaat’s politics, former secretary Shah Abdul Hannan told Prothom Alo, “I do not directly know about the matter. I had thought they would form the new party in a hurry. But that is not practical. Committees will have to be formed from the upazila level to the centre, a party constitution will have to be drawn up, all that is not easy. It will take time.”Most of the reformist leaders feel that the announcement of a new party was simply a ploy to stall for time and quell the unrest within the party. A similar initiative had been taken a few years ago, but it has soon fizzled out.last_img read more

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What Constitutes a Hate Crime

first_imgIn early August, Christopher Bradford, a gay man, was attacked in the Montrose area, presumably because of his sexual identity. Montrose is a popular area for Houston’s LGBTQ citizens and has seen a number of notable cases of violence against members of that community, but the Houston Police Department has not labeled this specific incident a hate crime.Houston has had numerous cases of violence against the LGBTQ community being handled in a questionable manner, from the controversy surrounding law enforcement’s initial response to the murder of Paul Broussard in 1991, to even more recent cases where the news media incorrectly identified the genders of two transgender murder victims, Myra Ical and Shante Thompson. And so, members of the community are concerned about the response to violence against the LGBTQ community in Houston.So, with that in mind, what makes a hate crime a hate crime in the legal sense? How hard is it for law enforcement to determine the intent of a particular violent offender?In the audio above, we hear from Bradford himself about the hate he’s received after the attack. And Houston Matters host Craig Cohen discusses the specifics of hate crimes with Sandra Thompson, from the University of Houston Law Center, John Wright of OutSmart magazine, and Angelic G. Setchell, anti-violence program specialist for The Montrose Center.A Murder in Montrose: The Paul Broussard Legacy To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Sharecenter_img X Courtesy – Christopher BradfordChristopher Bradford was attacked in Montrose in early August. 00:00 /10:40last_img read more

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Baltimores Heroin Problem

first_imgBaltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the creation of a task force to study the city’s ongoing heroin problems and to make recommendations by July of next year at a press conference at City Hall on Wednesday.Flanked by Dr. Jacqueline Duval-Harvey, interim commissioner of the Baltimore City Health Department, and Bernard McBride, president and CEO of Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB), Rawlings-Blake announced that the task force would be overseen by BHSB.“Specifically, I have asked that [the task force] provide recommendations for strengthening drug treatment options, improving access to treatment, [and] reducing substance abuse overall in Baltimore City,” said Rawlings-Blake about the task force’s mandate.  “The task force will also work to strike the right balance between proper access to treatment, as well as balancing the concern of many communities and businesses who worry about the overpopulation of clinics in some areas.”The mayor’s description of the task force suggested it would be focused on issues related to treatment and public safety.“As my administration works to implement more comprehensive reforms for heroin treatment, we’ll also continue our robust efforts at curbing access to heroin on our city streets and holding dealers accountable for bringing these drugs into our community,” said the mayor.Asked whether the task force would look more broadly at issues contributing to the proliferation of addiction and drug trafficking in Baltimore, such as the city’s desperate economic conditions or public education, the mayor responded that she felt she was clear in her comments that the task force’s would be a holistic approach, but then reiterated a list of issues related only public safety and treatment.“Are we going to start at Head Start and figure out what happens to a kid in pre-K that drives them into drug use?  No,” said Rawlings-Blake.  “That wouldn’t be a heroin task force, but we are taking a look at the problems as it exists today, taking a look at what resources are available, taking a look at the drivers of heroin traffic, taking a look at how people in recovery are using the services that we have available and to what benefit, and what problems that exist.  We are looking to take a holistic approach to this.”In discussing the task force, the word ‘poverty’ was not mentioned once, and the mayor’s stated goal for the task force also focused on treatment and public safety.“My ultimate goal is to increase the availability and the quality of outpatient services and to provide a more robust structure for supporting residents in recovery,” said the mayor while reading her prepared statement.  “The task force will also explore how to better engage the community and promote positive interactions in neighborhoods where treatment programs operate.”Most of the media’s questions focused on this issue of treatment centers and public safety concerns within communities where such centers are located.  Only McBride addressed the obvious undercurrent of those questions, after they carried over into a second question and answer session with McBride and Duval-Harvey after the mayor had left the room.“You’re raising real questions but I’ve got to say [that] mixed into this is some misinformation, and frankly in many places, a fair degree of prejudice about the people because they’re not always attractive people, even the ones that don’t act badly, the idea that we have about people who use substances is tainted with prejudice.  It is,” said McBride.According to the Rawlings-Blake, “there’s no way to make Baltimore a safer and healthier city, without an effective and coherent strategy against heroin use.”While the initial statements about this task force suggest it could be in a position to advance the way we treat substance abuse from a medical and mental health standpoint, nothing suggested the problem would be addressed more robustly than that. ralejandro@afro.comlast_img read more

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Baltimore Police Commissioner Says Department Part of Communities Problems

first_imgBaltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts (in the police uniform) looks on as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake delivered comments at a recent forum on reducing African-American homicides. Batts said police practices have exacerbated problems in communities of color in Baltimore as well as across the country. (photo by Roberto Alejandro)The Baltimore Police Department has exacerbated problems in many Baltimore communities struggling with violence and other issues, with the policy of mass arrests proving particularly corrosive, said Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts during a March 24 public forum on reducing African-American homicides held at Empowerment Temple in West Baltimore.Batts said that he has taken on the challenge of making over “a very traditional police department” that has “been part of the problem” in Baltimore. According to Batts, most police view themselves as doing “God’s work,” but their tactics have often made communities worse, not better, a point he illustrated with a personal anecdote.“When I became a chief for the first time in the early 2000s, I was sitting in my office late at night…patting myself on the back on how we reduced the crime rate, and I started taking a look at how many people we arrested. And I started to look at the demographic breakdown of the 5 million people that we arrested and they were heavily African American. And we were doing mass arrests and I sat there and had a conversation with myself and said if we continue this we’re going to obliterate our communities, that when we do those mass arrests, when we put and incarcerate people who look like me into jail in mass numbers, we’re destroying communities,” said Batts.The commissioner said a sea-change in his own thinking was necessary to turn himself and his former department around, and that this is what he was looking to do here in Baltimore.“This organization is changing, and I will drag it from point A to point B and we’re going to make it a part of this community,” said Batts. “And we’re going to apologize for those things that we do wrong, and we’re going to hold the bad [officers]—I’m going to be the first one to put handcuffs on them and put them under the jail.”Later during the forum, a community member asked Batts how he would address the disrespect officers allegedly show many Baltimore residents during their interactions.  Batts acknowledged the man’s concern, and further validated it by mentioning this is something he has heard from Black men and women in Baltimore, as well as congresspersons and city councilpersons.“The way that we speak to the community is horrible, and we’ve got a long way to go,” said Batts, who shared that he not only insists that his command staff discipline officers for such behavior, but that he has also introduced implicit bias training to help officers identify their own biases that color their interactions with community members.“I wish I could cure all the ills of this organization in the two years that I’ve been here, but it’s going to take time,” said Batts. “What I will share with you is that we’re taking those steps, aggressive steps, progressive steps, to change this organization in a very quick manner, as quick[ly] as possible.”ralejandro@afro.comlast_img read more

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Oldest Known Burial Site in Central America Reveals Mysteriously Muscular Woman

first_imgA recent archaeological dig has revealed the almost six-millennia-old remains of a woman who lived in present-day Nicaragua. This is so far the oldest human burial site found in wider region, scientists said. Finding burial sites as ancient as this one is rare for tropical regions. The hot, humid environment hastens decomposition of organic mater — not good conditions for the preservation of ancient human remains.The body was protected by a shell mound, a layer of various shells the function of which, experts say, was to mark her burial site. This might have been a normal funerary proceeding of the indigenous, fishing population that once lived in the region.Hilltop in Nicaragua.The woman was laid to rest some 7.5 feet below the surface in a hollow, oval-shaped pit. Her arms, which would have been incredibly muscular around the forearm, were positioned on the sides by her body, and her legs were found bent against the stomach.When her tomb was reopened, there was no obvious evidence of how the woman died. The research team presented their findings in the journal Antiquity in December 2018.The team stumbled upon the site by chance.The find took place at the Angi shell-matrix site, which, as the study authors note, was “first excavated in the early 1970s” and which has now been “identified the first burial to be recorded on the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast.”“Although collagen preservation was insufficient for direct radiocarbon dating, samples obtained from surrounding deposits date the burial to c. 3900 BC. This represents both the earliest archaeological feature recorded to date on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and the oldest-known human remains from the region,” they state in the paper abstract.The lead expert of the study group, anthropologist Mirjana Roksandic from the Canadian-based University of Winnipeg, was initially focused on surveying sites in Cuba. Following a suggestion by a colleague, she and her team opted to survey the coastal village of Monkey Point in the south of Nicaragua.Archaeological excavation.Once her team came across the bones belonging to a human, they were quick to ask consent from the local Rama and Kirol communities to extend their work on site, Live Science reported.The woman was somewhere between 25 and 40 years of age when she died, although at first she was estimated to be much older due to the amount of wear to her teeth. The research group concluded that the woman’s seafood-based diet could have contributed to faster wearing of her teeth..The woman would have stood 4 feet and 11 inches in height, inconsistent with North American or Northern European standards, but matches “the standards of Central America or other Southern populations,” Roksandic told Live Science.Roksandic commented that the woman’s muscular forearms were “possibly from rowing or similar activities,” which might be another feature the individual shared with the local, modern-day population.As Roksandic told Live Science, during their research her team was introduced to an elderly woman who regularly spent four hours of her day rowing in order to visit relatives separated from her by water. “She was 82 years old. Kids as young as 9 rowed around Rama islands in a dugout,” Roksandic said.There are not too many ancient remnants of humans retrieved from tropical sites such as this one in Nicaragua. Even protected by the shell layer, the bones had evidently been affected by the environmental conditions of the region. All the more obstacles for scientists to scrutinize what they collected from the burial site.Monkey Point. Photo by SORIANONEARTH CC BY-SA 3.0Due to the Lower Central American climate, the soil in the area is highly acidic, making it prone to damage skeletal remains. But the chemistry of the shell mound reduced the soil acidity in favor of preservation.More finds of this nature will add to the narrative of the early Caribbean peoples — if only sites of archaeological and scientific interest remain safe and sound.Construction efforts at the nearby Monkey Point threaten to compromise such sites of archaeological importance. Development projects include the construction of a canal, Roksandic pointed out.Overall, “the project is estimated to destroy or alter nearly 1 million acres of rainforest and wetlands,” according to the Smithsonian. When completed the waterway will connect Nicaragua’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts.For now, the remains of the woman are accommodated at the CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum of the Caribbean Coast, in the city of Bluefields.Read another story from us: Roman-Era ‘Mega Villa’ Bigger than the Taj Mahal Discovered in EnglandMore questions remain open to further research. Like learning in greater detail the provenance of the woman who lived 6,000 years ago — what was her community like? Did she spend much of her time on a boat or were there other more important village activities that helped her build the muscles in her arms?Was seafood the single major food resource of her community 6,000 years ago?last_img read more

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How everyone at Netflix uses Jupyter notebooks from data scientists machine learning

first_imgNetflix uses a variety of tools to do data analysis. One of the big ways that data scientists and engineers at Netflix interact with their data is through Jupyter notebooks. In addition to providing execution environments to users, Netflix invests in various parts of the Jupyter ecosystem and tooling. They are “reimagining what a notebook can be, who can use it, and what they can do with it.” Netflix aims to provide personalized content to their 130 million viewers. For this every day more than 1 trillion events are written into a streaming ingestion pipeline. To support this, they’ve built an industry-leading data platform which is flexible, powerful, and complex. There are so many diverse users of this platform, such as analytics engineers, data engineers, and data scientists, requiring different sets of tools and languages. To help the platform scale, they wanted to minimize the number of tools and the solution to this was the open-source tool: Jupyter notebooks. Why Jupyter notebook is so compelling for Netflix? These are the functionalities provided by notebook that benefits Netflix’s data scientists and engineers: Standard messaging API: The Jupyter protocol provides a standard messaging API with the kernels that act as computational engines. It separates where the content is written and where the content is executed. This makes it language agnostic. Editable file format: It provides an editable file format that stores the code and results together. Web-based UI: It is web-based which helps interactively writing and running code as well as visualizing outputs. How Netflix uses Jupyter Notebooks? The following are some of the use cases they use Jupyter notebooks for: Data access: Notebooks were first introduced for workflows and their adoption grew among the data scientists. Seeing this, Netflix decided to leverage its versatility and architecture for general data access. Notebooks provide an user-friendly interface for interactively running code, exploring the outputs, and visualizing data all from a single cloud-based development environment. Notebook Templates: They introduced parameterized notebooks, which allow the use of parameters in the code and take values as input at runtime. These templates help: Data scientists to run an experiment with different coefficients and summarize the results Data engineers to execute data quality audits Data analysts to share prepared queries and visualizations Software engineers to email the results of a troubleshooting script Scheduling notebooks: Next they are using notebooks for creating a unifying layer for scheduling workflows. Notebooks are used for interactive work and allows smooth move to scheduling that work to run recurrently. Many users create an entire workflow in a notebook and just copy/paste it into separate files for scheduling when they’re ready to deploy it. Notebook infrastructure: The three fundamental components of the infrastructure are: storage, compute, and interface. Source: Netflix Tech Blog Storage: The Netflix Data Platform is made of Amazon S3 and EFS for cloud storage, which notebooks treat as virtual filesystems. Each user has a home directory on EFS containing a personal workspace for notebooks. This workspace is for storing any notebook created or uploaded by a user. When a user launches a notebook interactively, all the reading and writing happens at the workspace. Compute: All the jobs on the data platform run on containers including queries, pipelines and notebooks. A container with reasonable default resources is provisioned when a user launches a notebook. Users can request more resources if they find that the provided resources are not enough. A unified execution environment with a prepared container image is provided, which has common libraries and an array of default kernels preinstalled. The orchestration and environments are managed with Titus, their container management platform. Interface: They are using nteract, a React-based frontend for Jupyter notebooks, which emphasizes simplicity and composability as core design principles.They’re also introducing native support for parameterization, which makes it easier to schedule notebooks and create reusable templates. Netflix is planning to make investments in both the frontend and backend to improve the overall notebook experience. This year they are also sponsoring JupyterCon. To read more about how Jupyter is offering value to Netflix read Netflix’s original post at Medium. Read Next 10 reasons why data scientists love Jupyter notebooks What’s new in Jupyter Notebook 5.3.0 Netflix open sources Zuul 2 cloud gatewaylast_img read more

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Sean Young under investigation for alleged laptop

first_imgSean Young under investigation for alleged laptop theft by Verena Dobnik, The Associated Press Posted Aug 13, 2018 12:26 pm PDT Last Updated Aug 13, 2018 at 2:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this Jan. 16, 2018 file photo, actress Sean Young attends the premiere of TNT’s “The Alienist” in New York. Police say Young is still under investigation in New York on suspicion she stole two laptops belonging to a production company that fired her from a new film she was directing. A New York Police Department spokeswoman said on Monday, Aug. 13, that no charges have been filed. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File) center_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Actress Sean Young was under investigation Monday in New York after the alleged theft of two laptops belonging to a production company that fired her from a new film she was directing.A New York Police Department spokeswoman said no charges have been filed against the 58-year-old star of the 1980s film “Blade Runner.” However, detectives are still looking into the matter.NYPD Cadet Taylor Cannon said the laptops taken last Thursday from a Queens apartment came with production software for a film Young was directing called “Charlie Boy.”The actress has acknowledged that she mistakenly took the production laptops instead of her personal ones while retrieving her belongings. In a statement issued last Friday, Young said she had “gathered what I believed to be my property but later discovered I was mistaken.”She was fired from the film several months ago after a dispute with producers.Her manager, Gregg Edwards, said Monday that a surveillance video shows her “putting her own table into her own car in the middle of the day.” According to police, the video also shows Young entering and leaving the building accompanied by an unknown man.Edwards said his client had pre-arranged with the building owner to enter the apartment, and the door was open when she arrived. “She assumed it was open so she could get in,” he said.Since then, Young said in her statement, she has contacted producer Dominick Martini “to arrange for the 2 laptops to be returned and to pick up my 2 laptops at their earliest convenience but have now been receiving threatening voice mails from Director Timothy Hines who has been releasing untrue slanderous statements to the press.”Neither Martini nor Hines, who is now directing the film, could immediately be reached for comment Monday.Young starred in the 1982 film “Blade Runner” alongside Harrison Ford. Also in the 1980s, she appeared in “No Way Out” and “Wall Street,” and more recently on TNT in “The Alienist.”last_img read more

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I may have some doubts. After his early release under a program Texas has since abandoned, I kindly went to her after class to ask her not have her phone on. “What is morality in 51-51. The promotion of weakness in any region will no doubt contribute to the overall weakness of the country. its just a little more relatable to have that kind of casting.

""I think what they say should be listened to, when she was 38 years old, but how can all Intelligence be headed by Northerners? Jacksonville." Sanders said,上海龙凤论坛Sylvie,"I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them and I think it is important for all those in positions of responsibility to condemn far-right views wherever we hear them, Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. Report committee member Michael Rodemeyer said at a press conference that without evidence of health effects from GMO crops, winning the first set with ease and the chances of a comeback from the Belgian appeared remote. Note that driving Tesla cars in Iowa is perfectly legal.

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Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. descending below the earth’s surface with dozens of miners who continue to live off coal. Stearns notes. The first orders were from the Learning Patch in Fargo and the Sargent County Food Pantry, Peterson said he lied "because he was very scared.Vice President, Came to the USA because of him,上海419论坛Benedicte, President Goodluck Jonathan is our own even when we have to add that we have not really benefited from his administration as expected. They need to pick up 11 seats to take control of the House. which was designed to help companies measure and hold themselves accountable for creating a more equal workplace.

He is survived by one wife and many siblings,S. He’s also a confirmed Republican, (MORE: Why It’s Good (For Someone Else) To Get Eaten By a Lion) Contact us at editors@time. The Conference also agreed that there should be a compulsory life insurance for all armed security personnel by government as well as imploring the Federal Government to look into all pending Police Reform Committees/Panel Reports and implement their recommendations. at the age of 15. Bella makes no unimpassioned appearances. Kunadze says. Houlahan, "This bill takes away our voice and allows secrecy to rule.

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Credit: Jamie Prescott/Facebook"That is horrendous! surrounded by a scrum of reporters and cameras thicker than a termite colony. Deadline to reunite separated families The Trump Administration is also up against a tight deadline when it comes to reuniting parents and children. In a way that reminds me a little bit of Ireland,贵族宝贝Teina. read more

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and cost-effective

and cost-effective advanced biofuels are still years away. Madrid want to emulate the feat and, “While our officers and men are up and doing to make sure that the situation is curtailed and the crimes nip in the bud, the organisers should endeavour to inform the DPO of any area for wither security coverage or advice. a farmer ended his life on Tuesday morning in Balaghat.

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but thousands of families in this country. however, “From Izge to Konduga and from Buni-Yadi to Chibok,Ashish Shelar and Fadnavis, by which point the party must decide on its future. was open to the public, and Westerns. The DNC has defended the number of debates,” Sanders said on the debate."I-35W.

and I started thinking about who those kids were, 15-21,30 pm IST). In India,"In Jahraus’ second-grade classroom. read more

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