Vancouver creator could tap into booming board game industry

first_imgAfter saying for years he wanted to invent a board game, Marc Neidlinger finally decided it was time to roll the dice.“I said to myself, if I don’t do it now, I never will,” the Vancouver resident said. “If I don’t do it today, when? If you can’t answer that, it means it’s never going to happen. I’ll go to my grave never making a board game.”That was two years ago. His game, Epoch: The Awakening, appeared on the online crowdfunding website Kickstarter this week and reached its goal of $30,000 in contributions within 24 hours. Neidlinger said the day was “pretty overwhelming.”“I hope it inspires other people to do the same thing — if they want to start their own business or write that book or something,” he said. “Maybe they decide to start that book. That’s the heart of what I’m trying to do.”Besides inspiring the masses, Neidlinger is well on his way to raising about $60,000 in contributions before hitting the market, he said. The game will retail for close to $70.Epoch: The Awakening pits players in the role of a scoundrel looking to atone for his past. Players crusade across a hexagonal game board, winning companions, items and boosts to their heroes’ constitutions.last_img