The Best Wonder Wharf Prizes for Bobs Burgers Fans

first_img For the better part of a decade, Bob’s Burgers has been the best combination of comedy and burger puns that anyone could ask for. You’d be hard-pressed to not find someone in your life who isn’t a fan of the show if you aren’t one yourself. Here’s a handy gift guide with options for everyone from the casual fans to the diehards that sing the Gravy Boat song every Thanksgiving.Louise’s Bunny Ears HatIf Louise Belcher has taught us anything, it’s that you’re never too old to proudly wear pink bunny ears everywhere you go. Honor the spirit of Louise with your very own pair to wear to school, the wharf, or your favorite punny burger joint! Burger Box Recipe Card SetWell over 100 recipes have been created with punderful names for your tasting pleasure. Loot Crate actually made a ton of them as actual recipe cards. If you like to dive into the Burger Experiment, you can get this box today for $19.22. Or you can go the traditional route and get them as an old fashion cookbook for $11.67.Louise Belcher Funko POP!Really wanna drive the point home? Have a Louise POP! that you can bring around with you. You can make meta jokes about how you’re twins, or put it on desk at work so people know they should be talking about the latest episodes of Bob’s Burgers with you.Louise and Kuchi Kopi Fleece BlanketOkay, this is a bit Louise heavy, but come on! It’s Louise! And we all need more Kuchi Kopi, too. Sure, we don’t know exactly what Kuchi Kopi is or where it comes from, but it’s pretty cool, right?Insanity BackpackThis brilliant bag from Sprayground was a labor of love and photos don’t do it justice. It is stunning in person. Also, it’s hours of fun! Creator Loren Bouchard worked with Sprayground’s Founder David Ben-David to create this concoction. They have managed to squeeze all of our favorite characters onto the bag, even themselves. They even managed to fit my favorite obscure character, Speedo Guy too!  Limited edition bag is available now for $65.Kuchi Kopi Glow In The Dark Vinyl FigureSpeaking of Kuchi Kopi, you can own your very own Kuchi Kopi figure! This ambiguous fictional character from this fictional show has been seen as a night light before and this being glow in the dark makes it pretty close to being one!Linda Belcher Art PrintLinda Belcher is arguably one of the best sitcom mom’s around right now. She may get caught up in wacky schemes, but she’s always putting her kids first. Celebrate Linda with this gorgeous art print!Bob’s Burgers SocksWe all know as kids we joke about how socks are a lame gift, but as you get older they’re actually really great and welcome. Wear your fandom on your feet with these great colorful and burgerful socks!Gene Belcher Coffee MugLook, if you’re a decent human being than we all know that Gene Belcher is your spirit animal. Why risk people not knowing that when you can have a mug that does the talking for you!Tina Belcher HoodieEveryone needs a good hoodie. A good hoodie would be a Bob’s Burgers hoodie. A better hoodie would be a Tina Belcher one. The best hoodie would remind everyone that we should hail Tina! That’s what this hoodie is!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019Best Father’s Day TV Episodes to Stream This Weekend Stay on targetlast_img