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first_imgcharlie hunnam on playing green arrow…..its not a no ladies and gentlemen pic.twitter.com/911rO0ZWOm— edgelord allan poe (@haarleyquin) May 15, 2017He could just be being nice, but if Stephen Amell can’t play Green Arrow in the movies, Hunnam wouldn’t be a terrible choice. As the interviewer says, he does look like Oliver Queen a lot, and he’s a good actor. I already think it’s a huge mistake not using the wonderful Arrowverse for the DCEU (particularly the choice to pass over Grant Gustin as The Flash), but the DCEU has made their celebrity-shaped bed on that one. As far as Oliver Queens go, you could do a lot worse than Charlie Hunnam. Now let’s hope this hypothetical/probably inevitable Green Arrow keeps the politics of the character intact. Unlike certain other adaptations. #Countdown2WonderWoman 17 days!!Check out one of the tie-in posters for the Chinese market. pic.twitter.com/QBhA3qJHFD— Nicola Scott (@NicolaScottArt) May 15, 2017Gamespot points out that American movies have a history of getting cool takes on movie posters in Asian countries. Like one for Kong: Skull Island that made it look like a classic kaiju monster movie. As much as I’d love to see this poster in American movie theaters, I can see why it’s not. It could possibly make you think you’re about to watch a Wonder Woman anime. Which… thinking about it, that would be awesome! Hey DC, where’s our Wonder Woman anime series?Finally, even with two DCEU movies right around the corner, some are already thinking about its distant future. Specifically, some are wondering if they’ll ever get around to making a Green Arrow movie, according to Movie Web. Though there’s been no serious talk of one, Charlie Hunnam has said he would like to play the character. The idea was floated to him first in an interview back in March for The Lost City of Z. He wasn’t too excited about it, saying he didn’t grow up with comics and had no real interest in superheroes.Fair enough, but more recently, Hunnam appears to have had a change of heart. Enough fans want to see him as Oliver Queen that he’s opened up to the idea. He still doesn’t know the character at all, but he asked the interviewer if he looks like Green Arrow. The interview told him that he does, in fact, look like the character in the comics. That was enough for him. “Well, come on DC, what’s up? Give me a call; I’m here.” It’s a good time to be a DC fan, at least as far as TV is concerned. On the CW, DC superheroes rule the network with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Now, another DC hero is joining the network. Black Lightning will premiere at midseason, which generally means January 2018. That’s aways off, but we already have the first trailer for the upcoming series. Though it clearly has a different feel from the networks Arrowverse shows, it doesn’t look any less fun. There’s a lot of great-looking superhero action here.If it feels separate from the Arrowverse shows, that may be by design. Though, like the other DC superhero series on the network, Black Lightning is produced by Greg Berlanti, it’s not part of the Arrowverse. According to Deadline, CW president Mark Pedowitz says there are no plans for a five-show crossover involving Black Lightning. Even though they’re all based on DC comics, they won’t take place in the same universe. Keep in mind, this all comes with a big “for now” attached to the end of the sentence. Just because it doesn’t happen in the first season doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. It’s not like traveling between universes is hard on these shows.Of course, Pedowitz did say there will be another big four-show crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends. The alien invasion storyline last November was so much fun, and so popular that another giant crossover was inevitable. It’s still a fun stunt, and we can expect the network to keep doing it as long as we all keep watching. Let’s just hope they can keep the quality of last year’s event.Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Warner Bros.)Over on the movie side of things, Wonder Woman is only a couple weeks away, and DC Comics is preparing for Diana’s first solo film in a really cool way. The publisher is holding a special event the day after the movie premieres where they’ll give away comics, and guest speakers. The event will be held in bookstores, comic shops, and libraries. Big chains like Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Costco and even Amazon will have special promotions to celebrate the character as well, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The free books include a reprint of Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 and DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special Edition, which will have an excerpt from an upcoming graphic novel aimed at young kids. The guest speakers will include creators who have written some of Wonder Woman’s most memorable stories, including Greg Rucka, Cliff Chiang, Marc Andreyko, Shea Fontana and Cat Staggs.This will mark the end of DC’s year-long celebration of Wonder Woman’s anniversary. In the week leading up to June 3, DC’s website will put up interviews with comics creators and people involved in the upcoming movie discussing Wonder Woman’s history. There will also be some kind of comics sale on the site, which should come in handy if you aren’t caught up on Wonder Woman’s story in DC’s Rebirth universe yet.That’s not the only cool piece of Wonder Woman news out today. The poster for the China release of the upcoming movie is out, and it looks better than anything we get over here. DC artist Nicola Scott tweeted out the poster that makes the movie look like a Wonder Woman anime.last_img