Valta seeks Kickstarter funds to bring power outlets into the 21st century

first_imgWho’s idea was it to put light switches on the wall? It’s super-inconvenient when you want to turn stuff off but aren’t in the general vicinity of said lightswitch. And if you’re not at home? Forget about it. Unless you have Valta, a new Kickstarter gizmo that promises to make your home more energy efficient while also enabling precise control of what’s turned on while you’re out.Valta consists of a hardware and software side. The hardware has two components: a small brick connected to your router called the v-Hub, and multiple AC socket pass-throughs (Valta sockets). Just plug the Valta sockets into a wall outlet, and then plug your device into the outlet on the Valta socket. This unit connects to the v-Hub to access the Valta service online. It also tracks power usage on that outlet over time. Up to 16 Valta plugs can be used on a single network.The software to control Valta will (if the Kickstarter succeeds) be made available on the iPhone and web. An Android version will come out sometime after the product launches. The apps can be used to manually toggle devices on and off from anywhere you have an internet connection, or just set up a schedule to have things turned on and off automatically.Additionally, Valta can track when a device is likely just idling and will send you a push notification so you can turn it off. The app also knows when you’re at home and when you’re away. Thus, you can have certain plugs turned off when you leave, and reactivated when you get home.Valta has a lot of potential to basically turn your home into a tiny smart power grid with usage statistics and cloud-control. But it won’t happen unless Valta gets funded. The company is seeking $100,000 before July 23rd, and are only a few thousand dollars in.To get your own Valta setup, you have to pledge at least $139. That entitles you to 1v-Hub and 3 Valta sockets to be delivered in November. You can bump that up to 4 sockets for $179, 5 for $219, or $8 for $349. Expensive, but this is a pretty cool idea.last_img