The Chronicles of Rick Roll Coming to a Theater Near You

first_imgIn a world where Internet memes come in and go within days, a few brave souls have gathered together to keep their memes – and their 15 minutes of fame – alive. Antoine Dodson, the Double Rainbow Man (Bear Vasquez,) Ben Schulz (Leeroy Jenkins,) Gary Brolsma (The Numa Numa Kid,) and more have joined forces to star in an upcoming film – if the indie filmmakers can drum up enough support – loosely based on the life and rise of one of the Internet’s first true heroes: Rick Astley. The film is called The Chronicles of Rick Roll, and the producers promise it’s not a big hoax, and it won’t be effectively a 2-hour rickroll: it’ll actually be a film jam packed with viral video actors and they’re aiming for a theatrical release if they can afford it. If you think this is all too good to be true, then the Internet has trained you well. Even so, the first trailer for the film is behind the jump, and it’s full of familiar faces.  [via Business Insider]last_img