Laws repeatedly being bent, twisted for a few

first_imgDear Editor,In my last Letter to the Editor, I listed my concerns about the actions of the prosecutors who happen to be mostly serving members of the Guyana Police Force and listed the recent case of a senior officer being charged for rape against a 13-year-old girl. Interestingly, after that publication of my letter, the remanded senior officer of the Guyana Police Force made his next appearance in front of the same Magistrate, without any objections from the police prosecutor again, he was granted bail for the measly sum of $250,000 for such a serious offence with instruction of staying 50 ft away from the victim.Now take the case against the UG student who was remanded to prison for allegedly making threats of bombing the University. Since I was a small boy, I recall there always being a threat of bombing various places, especially workplaces and schools. That is nothing new and at this day and age, everyone should know that even if you block your phone’s number and place calls, the phone companies would still have the records of all the calls you send or receive, similarly with texts too. I would say for someone who is attending one of the highest learning institutions in Guyana; if she is not familiar with this info and committed such a stupid act, I have no sympathy for her.My main concern is what is occurring in the various courts and the actions of the police officers. Latchmie Rahamat did indicate to the Magistrate that her client was detained beyond the stipulated 72-hour period but basically that’s just it because it’s not the first time that happened either. The Magistrate could only voice his/her concern, no disciplinary action would be taken against the errant officers. Everyone should know that even though based on allegations, according to the various news outlets, the police persecutor put up a fierce battle against the trained lawyer and was successful in getting the accused remanded. I did not see the prosecutor involved in the matter of rape against the 13-year-old girl by the senior police officer putting up one single objection when the application of bail was made for him on both occasions in a case which I consider to be more serious than the bomb threats against the University. There are numerous cases which is more serious and the accused get bail.I guess your freedom depends on the mood the Magistrate and the police prosecutor is in. I observed these things and took note and it is my humble opinion that the laws of Guyana are repeatedly being bent and twisted to please a few, especially those who can afford it. My observation is that injustice is being meted out to many who are seeking justice. Under different leaders, the system remains the same but then again you can’t expect different if the leaders themselves refuse to obey the law. The case of the no-confidence vote is a typical example.Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img