Dembélé’s surgeon, to As: “This injury is larger than the one I operated in 2017”

first_imgLasse Lempeinen, the doctor who operated on Monday to Ousmane Dembélé after complete rupture of the proximal tendon of the biceps femoris of the right leg, assessed for Ace since Turku (Finland) intervention to the French player. Dr. Lempeinen, a regular contributor to Barça and other clubs such as Rome, Milan or Zenit, wanted to make it clear that this injury is more serious than the one that Dembélé suffered in January 2017: “Dembélé’s operation went well, according to the plan. The operative finding was exactly as it was shown on the MRI. The lesion was located in the upper part of the tendon of the biceps femoris. I am very satisfied with the result of the operation. This injury on the right side was larger and more demanding than the injury on the left side that I operated in 2017 “. eleven Asked about whether this type of injury that is bursting Dembélé’s career can be prevented, he explained curiously: “The greatest risk factor for hamstring injury is the anterior hamstring injury. I am sure that Dembélé’s medical team will do everything possible to avoid the new injury. I will closely follow the rehabilitation of Dembélé now after the operation. “center_img Lempeinen maintains the optimistic tone in his explanation of the French player’s operation: “I am very sure that after careful and followed rehabilitation, Dembélé will be able to play high level football again. My estimate is that it will be six months ago. I’m sure his best years in football are yet to come. “last_img