Vizcay says that Osasuna paid Getafe and Betis for letting themselves win

first_imgAngel Vizcay has stated that “all those money destinations were discussed and they decided on the Board of Directors of “Osasuna. The former manager of the rojillo team has acknowledged that he participated in several of the negotiations of those seasons.In addition to the alleged hardships of the 2012-2013 season, Vizcay said that in the following course Osasuna paid 250,000 euros to Espanyol for a draw. Betis also received money this season, according to the former manager of Osasuna. Vizcay has acknowledged that 400,000 euros were paid to the Sevillian team to win in Valladolid and 250,000 euros for being won in Pamplona. The former manager has assured that he was one of the people who met with Betis players and acknowledges that at a certain moment Betis came to ask for more money to let himself win. The former manager of Osasuna Angel Vizcay said on Tuesday in the trial of the so-called ‘Osasuna case’ that the club decided in the final part of the 2012-2013 season to pay Getafe because he let himself win against Osasuna and also pay Valladolid and Betis to win to Deportivo de la Coruña and Celta de Vigo, direct rivals of Osasuna for salvation in the First Division. In addition, Betis, as Vizcay has stated, received in the 2013-14 season 250,000 euros from the reddish team for winning in Pamplona. Vizcay, to questions of the prosecutor, has affirmed that in the 2012-13 season 150,000 were paid euros to Real Valladolid for beating Deportivo, and another 150,000 euros to Betis to beat Celta. “Both Celta and Deportivo were rivals next qualifiers and those who played against them prevailed “, He has affirmed. Further, He said that “there are another 400,000 euros given to Getafe pso he won’t win in Pamplona “and” there are another 400,000 euros in bonuses to players established between the board and the squad. “last_img