What you should know this tax season

first_imgAlso, don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID. It’s important to be organized. So when you head to the tax office this year, there are some things you should know. “It’s a little hard to affect last year because it’s already in the books. But when you come in this year, one of the things that we always do is sit down and show you what next year is going to look like, if everything stayed the same,” said Gilbert. “Many people overpay throughout the year, just to be safe. Plus all of the credits you can get for kids and other things like that, and you want to make sure you file so you don’t miss out on that money,” said senior tax specialist Derek Gilbert. The best way to avoid any surprises, is to look ahead to next year. Not only are many people required to file a return each year, it’s a good way to make sure you’re getting what’s yours.center_img “The best thing would be to make sure you have all of your documents, so make a list of where you worked the last year and make sure that you have all the documents for the places you worked. And if you have last year’s return, the best thing to do would be to pull that up, and look at the documents you had last year and make sure you have those documents again for this year,” said Gilbert. While this year’s deadline is April 15, it’s best to not procrastinate. “One of the biggest reasons is to prevent identity theft. If you file early, then someone can’t file in your name later,” said Gilbert. “And also a lot of people depend on this money. They use it for vacations and things like that, so the earlier you file, the earlier you can get your money and get that money freed up to use.” (WBNG) — It’s that time of year again, tax season. If you file electronically, your refund will typically come within 21 days.last_img