Governor to sign five bills into law today

first_imgGovernor Douglas will sign into law five pieces of legislation today at venues across the state:  S.26 An Act Relating to Recovery of Profits from Crime, the Disposition of Property Upon Death, Transfer of Interest in Vehicle Upon Death, Homestead Exemption, Unclaimed Property, Credit Card Fee Disputes, and Patient s Privilege; S.125 An Act Relating to Expanding the Sex Offender Registry; H.222 An Act Relating to Senior Protection and Financial Services; H.313 The Vermont Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; and S.51 An Act Relating to Vermont s Motor Vehicle Franchise Laws.  The details for the bill signings are below.S. 26 and S.125S. 125 helps Vermont take another important step forward in protecting Vermonters, our children and our communities expanding Vermont s sex offender registry in several significant ways.  The bill also contains many provisions important to law enforcement in Vermont.  It allows law enforcement access to sealed records in appropriate cases, allows them access to corrections records that may be helpful in an investigation, it extends the statute of limitation on certain sex crimes, and makes it easier to investigate and prosecute cases where an offender fails to comply with sex offender registry requirements.S.26 includes a number of different provisions, but most importantly expands victim protection by not allowing the perpetrator of a crime to profit from a crime without paying money damages he or she may owe to a victim of their crime or reimbursing the State for the cost of prosecution or incarceration.DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009TIME: 9:30 a.m.LOCATION: Rutland Police Department 108 Wales Street Rutland, VermontH.222H. 222, An Act Relating to Senior Protection and Financial Services, contains several provisions to protect older Vermonters who purchase certain types of lending and insurance products. Governor Douglas noted, Vermont seniors are among our savviest citizens.  But they are also among our most vulnerable populations and can become targets for financial exploitation.  This bill helps protect the financial resources of older Vermonters by prohibiting opportunistic and unscrupulous practices that take advantage of seniors financial fears and circumstances.DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009TIME: 12:30 p.m.LOCATION: Waterbury Area Senior Center 14 Stowe Street Waterbury, VermontH.313H. 313 is a wide-ranging economic development bill.  At the signing ceremony, Governor Douglas will discuss aspects of the bill that will encourage job creation and help Vermont emerge from the recession.  He will also highlight other proposals to help small businesses and working Vermonters by making the state more competitive in attracting quality jobs for the 21st century.DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009TIME: 1:30 p.m.LOCATION: Governor s Ceremonial Office State House Montpelier, VermontS.51S. 51 is an important economic development bill for Vermont s new motor vehicle, motor home and motorcycle dealers, along with their estimated 3,000 employees.  It includes several important provisions that will provide assistance to dealers during this difficult economic time.DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009TIME: 2:30 p.m.LOCATION: Mid-State Dodge Hyundai 1365 Route 302 (Barre-Montpelier Road) Berlin, VermontSource: Governor’s Officelast_img