How to Get Away With Murder on Broadway? Check Out Our Killer Dream Cast

first_img Jeremy Jordan as Connor Walsh (played onscreen by Jack Falahee) This cocky heartbreaker has the hottest sex scenes and the slyest sense of humor. Raise your hand if you don’t want to see a scruffy Jordan literally screwing evidence out of some cute unsuspecting guy. Thought so. Condola Rashad as Michaela Pratt (played onscreen by Aja Naomi King) Rashad is long due to make her musical debut, and she has a lot in common with Michaela—they are both gorgeous, accomplished and poised. And we’re dying to hear her two songs: “Prenup?!?” and “Give Me the Goddamn Trophy!” Jenn Colella as Bonnie Winterbottom (played onscreen by Liza Weil) Bonnie is professional, no-nonsense and has a class-A (and much needed) bullshit detector; she’s also full of surprises. In fact, she’s the character that ends up in the twistiest of plot twists. Colella is a beltress, who can be tough (see Chaplin), gentle (see If/Then) and has the perfect haircut (see her in real life). Lena Hall as Rebecca Sutter (played onscreen by Katie Findlay) Hedwig Tony winner Hall is perfect for Rebecca, everyone’s favorite enigmatic drug-dealing neighbor: she can rock leather, heavy eyeliner and biker boots with the best of them—plus, we totally believe she plays her music loud. Kyle Beltran as Wes Gibbins (played onscreen by Alfred Enoch) Wes seems like the boy next door, but there is so much more going on behind that puppy-dog exterior. Enter the golden-voiced Beltran, who has the looks, exuberance and captivating smile that would have any one of us believing him when he said heads and knew it was tails. Cristin Milioti as Laurel Castillo (played onscreen by Karla Souza) Like many characters on HTGAWM, Laurel is not what she seems. You think she’s quiet and unassuming, and then BLAM! Suddenly she’s banging Frank in the backseat of his car. And wait a sec—does she even like Frank? Milioti has the right blend of naivete and sensuality to capture both sides of Laurel. We were over the moon when Tony winner Viola Davis got a big, juicy TV role in ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. As intimidating law professor/defense attorney Annalise Keating, Davis gives us her signature snot-nosed crying scenes, shows off a slick exterior and then pulls off the drag to bare her soul. The winter finale on November 20 promises to answer one of the most compelling hashtags questions of the fall: Who Killed Sam? So how are we preparing for this revelation? By dreaming about a Broadway musical version, of course. See below for our fantasy picks for the cast of How to Get Away with Murder—The Musical! Will Chase as Sam Keating (played onscreen by Tom Verica) Yeah, he’s a lying, cheating dead man, but that doesn’t mean this “Mr. Darcy” won’t have a couple of fantastic duets in our made-up musical. Chase is alluring with an underbelly of menace (note Edwin Drood). Imagine him flirting with virginal co-ed Lila and sparring with edgy bartender Rebecca. Ooh!center_img LaChanze as Annalise Keating (played onscreen by Viola Davis) There are a lot of Broadway divas who could rock Annalise’s tough attitude and killer heels. (We seriously considered Billy Porter for this part.) But If/Then star LaChanze not only has serious acting chops and a phenomenal voice, she also has the right amount of charm, cheekiness and vulnerability to make Annalise sing. Get ready for the end of Act I number, “Why Is Your Penis on a Dead Girl’s Phone?” Samantha Hill as Lila Stanguard (played onscreen by Megan West) Yeah, yeah, we know: another dead person. But in flashbacks, she’s sweet, sexy and (no doubt) a soprano. Hill would nail it. Now more importantly, who killed her? And #WhoKilledSam? Also, is it on yet? Skylar Astin as Asher Millstone (played onscreen by Matt McGorry) Privileged, competitive and ever-awkward, Asher is both endearing and infuriating. He also has the best one-liners. With Astin in the role, you’d secretly root for him even as you’re rolling your eyes. Bryan Terrell Clark as Nate Lahey (played onscreen by Billy Brown) “What’s Going On” now has double meaning. Clark knocked us out as Marvin Gaye in Motown on Broadway, and in our dream cast, he’s Nate, a tough cop, who also happens to be Annalise’s man on the side. Here’s a guy who has the ability to be good even when he’s naughty. Sexual healing, anyone? Hunter Foster as Frank Delfino (played onscreen by Charlie Weber) Foster would make a great Frank, who’s unafraid of hard work—even if that work gets a little dirty. He’s a local tough guy with a weakness for sleeping with students. How many characters that Foster has played can be described as loyal, street smart and just a little unseemly? Just saying. View Commentslast_img