Lotus Covers The Grateful Dead & Led Zeppelin, Offers Setlist Craziness At Summerdance [Videos]

first_imgOver Labor Day Weekend, Lotus headed to Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio, for their annual music festival, Summerdance. Marking many Lotus fans’ favorite run of the year, across the weekend, the jamtronica favorites had plenty of surprises planned for the crowd made up of their most diehard fans.On night one, Lotus took a page out of Phish‘s book, using the first letter of each song on the two-set setlist to spell out “Summerdance”. With this goal, the band drew on some of their most classic catalog, also using this set to offer a rare cover of Led Zeppelin‘s “Ramble On”. Other highlights of the evening were the show-opening combination of “Suitcases” > “Umbilical Moonset” > “Middle Road” and a standout rendition of “Nri” in the second set, during which each band member got a chance to shine during individual solos.“Ramble On” [Video: Jennifer Cantwell]Setlist: Lotus | Summerdance | Nelson Ledges Quarry Park | Garrettsville, OH | 9/1/2018Set One: L’immueble > Inspector > Dowrn, Blue Giant, Help/Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower, SpiritualizeSet Two: Intro > Did Fatt > Cresent > Dark Brown Earth > Soma > Shimmer > Intro > Shimmer > Intro > Shimmer > IntroEncore: Sunrain > ShimmerAs for the final day of the weekend, Lotus brought the beautiful weekend to a close. The second set saw the band offer up a “blended set”, opening the set up with “Blender” before gracefully moving through a number of fan-favorites while teasing other classic tracks within them. At points dramatic and other times buoyant, highlights of day three included “Planet Caravan” and the entirety of the blended set, with a major high point being the “Livingston Storm” that was infused with tastes of “The Surf”.Setlist: Lotus | Summerdance | Nelson Ledges Quarry Park | Garrettsville, OH | 9/2/2018Set One: Bush Pilot, Floating Amidst, Sodium Vapor, Plant > Planet Caravan > Travel > Sunrain (ending)Set Two: Blender, Livingston Storm (The Surf), Kalea, 128 (Cold Facts/Move Too Fast/Suitcases), Caywood (Opus, In An Outline) > Opus (ending), Juggernaut > Tip Of The Tongue > JuggernautEncore: Umbilical Moonset [Video: Ryan Myerholtz]Setlist: Lotus | Summerdance | Nelson Ledges Quarry Park | Garrettsville, OH | 8/31/2018Set One: Suitcases > Umbilical Moonset > Middle Road, Mikesnack, Eats The Light, Ramble On, DestroyerSet Two: Anti-Gravity, Nri, Contagion, Expired Slang, Forgotten, Sid > Flower SermonEncore: Wooly MammothOn the second night, Lotus covered the jam band royalty of the Grateful Dead, a rare occurrence for the group, which tends to gravitate toward covering more funk or electronic artists (such as “Inspector Norse” by Norwegian DJ, Todd Terje, that was performed earlier in the set). However, the Summerdance wildness did not stop there, as in the second set, Lotus revealed the winner of their fan setlist contest, interpreting one special fan’s “dream” setlist and making it a reality.The obvious highlight of Summerdance’s first set during the second night would be Lotus’ tribute to the Grateful Dead. The instrumental run through “Help On The Way”, “Slipknot!”, and “Franklin’s Tower” was a surprise throwback to the band’s earlier days in the first decade of 2000, when they would occasionally toss these classic tunes into setlists. As for the second set, the band’s fan setlist of choice started off with “Intro To A Cell”, with the climax of the set being the alternating takes on “Intro” and “Shimmer And Out” to close the set. In the encore, the band again recalled this “Shimmer”, using it to segue out of the jubilant encore-opening “Sunrain” and close out the night in full.last_img