Gorillaz Mysteriously Tease New Album, ‘The Now Now’, Announce Release Date [Watch]

first_imgAnimated hip-hop group Gorillaz had a very busy year in 2017, as they released their first studio album since 2010, Humanz, and continue to tour the world in its support. However, it seems they’re already looking beyond Humanz to their next project. While Gorillaz has yet to officially acknowledge anything about the project, a new website has surfaced containing a retro-looking teaser for something called The Now Now and what appears to mark its release date over a funky, disco-inspired groove.While the group has not announced anything, and The Now Now‘s splash page doesn’t actually mention Gorillaz by name, they left a variety of metaphorical fingerprints on the intentionally mysterious soft announce. People were first directed to this teaser by posters at the recent All Points East festival in London. The signs featured cryptic slogans which pointed people toward thenownow.tv—including “NO MORE UNICORNS ANYMORE,” which recently appeared on one of the Gorillaz characters’ t-shirts in an image recently posted to Instagram by Jamie Hewlett, the project’s visual artist.Most conspicuously, in the opening seconds of the short video that plays on the site, an image of one of the band’s characters appears in silhouette for a brief frame before “The Now Now” is displayed. As told by Consequence of Sound, Hewlett recently noted that the record would mark a “new direction” for the band. He explained, “I’m inventing a new style for the next Gorillaz album. … Damon started to send me demos for new songs quite early on and that’s exciting, to hear the new direction.”At a concert in Santiago, Chile earlier this year, the project’s musical mastermind, Damon Albarn, teased the crowd packed in the arena about the “rumors” of a new album in 2018 before introducing a new song, “Hollywood”. In his introduction for “Hollywood”, Albarn joked, “So, if you go and tell anyone that we’re putting a new album out very soon, then I’ll deny it, because I didn’t say that.”While Albarn may be “denying” that a new album is coming, all signs certainly seem to point to June 29th as a big day for Gorillaz. Stay tuned for more info, and check out the teaser for yourself here.[H/T Consequence of Sound]last_img