To Those Running for Mayor

first_imgDear Editor:Can you please be very specific and concrete in your promises—and keep them? And can you address these issues?1. Taxes. What will you do to keep taxes down—and fair? People, like myself, who were pioneers in Hoboken—hard-working people who made our homes here long before the current boom—helped build this city so it became prime real estate. Artists and working people were displaced because they could no longer afford it. Of course, all the diverse restaurants, the theater, the bookstore, the culture–and what was done with the waterfront—are all nothing short of amazing. But what happens to diversity when only a certain class of people can afford to live here? The property revaluation crippled many and was frankly unfair to those of us who are longtime homeowners. People who could afford Hoboken, who paid next to nothing for their places, found themselves with property taxes that in some cases were doubled, forcing them out. The newer residents moving into $2 million condos and houses can afford that price tag and the tax hikes that go with it. Those of us who have lived here for decades cannot. Is Hoboken going to be a place only for the wealthy? Why not do what NYC does with rent control? Wait until the long-term owners leave or sell their homes—and then raise the taxes to market rate? Why penalize those who helped create this “new” Hoboken by moving here before it became so desirable?2. Bars Hoboken still has a huge problem with bars, including the all-night vomiting, screaming, reckless disregard for property. Of course a city needs bars, but if your vision is to make Hoboken a place where families can thrive, would you consider ending or curbing the hours of the bar crawls? Why shouldn’t bars have to pay a fee to participate–why should taxpayers have to pay for the cleanup? If we are serious about the future of Hoboken, we need to get rid of our reputation as a place for drunks.3. Infrastructure rather than just building more and more, can we please fix the potholes, the areas that flood? Can we build more parking to go with the hundreds of new luxury condos? What about those constantly breaking water mains, broken sidewalks and curbs? People do not pick up after their dogs or themselves. Can we get some enforcement and steeper fines, please?4. Development I realize Hoboken is going to keep developing and building, but our school system definitely needs work. Some of the local schools are on the verge of collapsing. How about building some new ones?5. Traffic we could also use more police because of notoriously poor drivers. Cars zoom through stop signs and crosswalks; barely paying attention to whomever is crossing the street I never, ever see a police officer around to punish them.Hoboken is a fabulous place to live. But we can and must do better. Anonymouslast_img