Twin city Wroclaw expresses friendship with Oxford

first_imgEach of these towns have released statements expressing their desire to maintain close ties with Oxford. University city Wrocław is the fourth biggest in Poland and has been twinned with Oxford since 2018. The two cities have participated in cultural exchanges and one of Wrocław’s famous gnomes can be found in the Covered Market. Oxford has eight twin cities, including three outside of the EU: Perm in Russia, Nicaragua’s former capital León, and Ramallah, the administrative capital of Palestine. The Council has also responded with a similar display of friendship. Having flown the EU flag above Oxford Town Hall on Friday, the flags of the five EU twin cities with be raised on consecutive days this week. Oxford’s other EU twin cities are Bonn in Germany, Grenoble in France, Leiden in the Netherlands, and Padua in Italy. The Oxford City Council took to Twitter to thank those who showed “their friendship with Oxford citizens.” Leader of the Council Susan Brown tweeted that ‘ties will remain strong’ between the two cities, whilst the Lord Mayor will be visiting Wrocław and other twin cities later this month to show unity and solidarity. Oxford’s twinned city Wrocław has responded to the UK’s exit from the European Union with a display of friendship. Students of the Polish city accompanied mayor Jacek Sutryk to raise a Union Jack in the city’s Market Square on Friday. When asked about Polish citizens in the UK, a Wrocław resident described that “Whereas before they were happy there, now because of the overall sentiment, and the overall approach of some people, they are thinking that they’re not really wanted there’.” The mayor of Grenoble, France says: “The strong ties that unite Oxford and Grenoble are precious. We shall keep them growing!” Meanwhile, Wrocław citizens had their say on Brexit in an interview by BBC Oxford. One described it as “heart-breaking” and another said, “for me being part of the EU is fantastic.” Oxford residents are encouraged to send the Mayor messages of friendship to share with the cities. Speaking exclusively to the Cherwell, the Council said “We are very grateful to the Mayor and citizens of Wrocław for their demonstration of support on Brexit day. The response online shows how much this gesture was appreciated by people here, and particularly the Polish community.” Despite Brexit, the Council is committed to retaining strong ties with Wrocław. A spokesperson said “we will continue to strengthen ties with our twin cities post Brexit, and do not see any reason for Brexit to affect these relationships.” last_img