Kepp Cool, Look Hot

first_imgWhatever you’re doing this summer, whether it’s strolling down the Champs Elysées, hitching a lift in the back of a chicken truck through Jordan, or working behind the bar of your local sweaty pub, you’re going to need to keep your cool. What you need is versatile, adaptable, pack-able and, above all, fashionable clothes that will take you from Paris to Glastonbury and to the Hideous Kinkydepths of Morocco… Why is it that when people go travelling, they feel the urge to dress up as if they were going to war? Huge, triple-zipped, reversible, hitech, hi-gear, double combo, waterproof contraptions with deflector and radar systems. When you arrive all you’ll want is to look less like a traveller and throw away the velcromulti- pocketed combats in exchange for some normal clothes. The mosquito-repellent beige shirt will not only repel the mosquitoes, but everyone else around you. Avoid going to any ‘Outdoors’ shops before setting off on your travels – the salesmen will try to convince you to buy mysterious items, such as ‘jungle boots’ or a ‘monkey sack’. Whether you’re mountain climbing or hacking through the Amazon, travel light, and take something that will give you a break form the monkey- boot nightmare. Bring a loosefitting dress for going out; try one made out of crumpled material, so you can scrunch it up. Men should take a tip from the Bollywood star Imran Khan and wear some kind of Indian-Kaftan top and trousers affair, billowing in the wind. Try the dark, incense-burning Indian shop on the Cowley Road; it’s like stepping into a foreign country or going back to the 1970s. And if you pop across the road afterwards, to the Greek supermarket, it might be enough to quench your thirst for travelling altogether. Get some ‘Thai pants’, although they appear at first to be designed by an elephant for an elephant, once you’ve learnt how to wrap them, you’ll discover the marvel of the design and wear them all the time. Wear them with a boob tube and avoid the colour grey – the ultimate sweat-patch illuminator. Black is a good travelling colour; it’s a myth that it makes you hotter. Whatever you do, don’t wear those ‘Rah rah’ reflective sunglasses, unless you’re going skiing, where everyone wears them anyway. Particularly avoid them if you are dressed all in white, it’s a bit ‘scuba-diving instructor’. From the low-life of backpacking to the high life, if you’re planning on travelling in style, romping around Paris, Rome and New York, then leave the rucksacks behind. You certainly can’t be a Parisian while puffing around, looking like a Gary Larson cartoon tourist. For the styleconscious traveller, what you need is a large Long Champsbag, £30. So, the point is to travel light and get some Thai pants. Also take a scarf to go over a t-shirt on a cold Glastonbury night, while swaying to Belle and Sebastian. Fashion isn’t all there is to life and travelling, but it has its place somewhere in that Sloaney Long Champs bag, or screwed up at the bottom of your dust-covered rucksack.ARCHIVE: 6th week TT 2004last_img