Google wants to replace your passwords with jewellery

first_img A 32-year-old CFO chose to stay at work instead of getting an MBA. Here’s how she made the decision — and why she doesn’t regret it. WITH DIGITAL SECURITY only becoming more important, it’s no surprise that Google has a novel idea up its sleeve – rings!MIT Technology Review has an in-depth look at how the company wants to use a ring to replace all your passwords for internet services.As a proof of concept, the company is currently experimenting with a USB key that “performs a cryptographic transaction with an online service to prove the key’s validity when it’s plugged into a computer”.The next step would be to condense this into a ring that can carry out the same function wirelessly. Pretty cool as long as you don’t lose it.- Dylan LoveVIDEO: How Google’s offices looked back in 1999> Most American CFOs expect a recession by the 2020 election Trump’s plan to revoke California’s power to set its own automotive-emissions standards isn’t about cars or California — it’s about Obama Inside the glitzy kickoff party for the world’s biggest horse sale, where 300 of the industry’s elite sipped on rare bourbons ahead of dropping millions on horses last_img read more

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