Video When Morocco Hosted French Refugees in 1943

Miami – A video that dates back to 1943 shows a footage of French refugees arriving in Casablanca, Morocco, fleeing from German-occupied France.Ever since the Syrian Refugee Crisis has become a worldwide phenomenon, countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa are constantly throwing the blame at each other for whose responsibility it should be to host the vast amount of refugees in despair.France, as well as several countries have publicly expressed their tight refugee policy in allowing these Syrian war victims of Daesh and Bachar El Assad to enter their countries. Several videos have gone viral demonstrating the “inhumane conditions” and mistreatment these refugees go through when they arrive in these ‘host’ nations. A YouTube video posted by the British Pathé shows images of a reported 1,700 French refugees arrive by boat in the city of Casablanca, which sheltered them at a time of crisis during World War II.The video narrates how most of them had been “incarcerated at General Franco’s prisons in Spain” and suffered “years of hardships”.Interesting to note how the roles are inverted. Seven few decades back, it was the Europeans, in this case the French, who were once refugees escaping “their own” nation. Today, Syrians flee their nation, escaping “their own” in a very similar manner.However, contrasting the “appalling” videos of today’s Syrian Refugee Crisis, Morocco received the French refugees with order and respect as the General of the Casablanca Military Division showed up to welcome them as they set foot on the Moroccan territory.Even the French Red Cross prepared a buffet to feed themmaking sure “everyone [had] something to keep them going” while they awaited the “official reception” from Moroccan authorities.The video concludes with a hopeful message Morocco instilled to these individuals who sought asylum in the Kingdom. They had “welcome[d] them back to the freedom which one day will be the blessing of all French men”.Let us hope all countries can remember these type of legendary moments that have returned peace, freedom and joy to those in need. One day we could find ourselves in the same situation and reach out for aid hoping to be treated with dignity and respect. read more

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