Tangier Salafi man arrested for Drug Trafficking

Rabat – Police in Tangier has succeeded in dismantling a network of cocaine smugglers that used a man with Salafi leanings as an informant. According to daily newspaper Al Ahdath Maghribiya, police have dismantled a network that trafficked cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs in the Beni Makada neighborhood in Tangier.Beni Makada is notorious for drug trafficking and violent clashes between rival gangs, especially the areas of Mabrouka, Ard Daoula and Bouhssain. It was also the scene of gunfire exchange that had erupted between the police and drug dealers in 2014. Among those arrested is a man with links to the Salafi movement who worked for drug traffickers as an informant. He also used to sell contraband cigarettes and aluminum foil for heroin users.Police also arrested a drug smuggler who happened to be under national arrest warrant. All the accused were taken into custody under the orders of the General Prosecutor.Investigators continue interrogations with other gang members, said the Arabic-language newspaper. read more

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