Algerian FM Accuses Morocco of Laundering Drug Money in SubSaharan Africa

Rabat – The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, accused Morocco of “laundering drug money in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Invited to a debate hosted by the Forum of Algerian Business Leaders (FCE), Messahel, accused Morocco of “laundering cannabis money via its banks in the continent.”“Moroccan banks are being used in laundering the revenues from the sales of hashish. Everybody knows that,” the head of Algerian diplomacy claimed.  “I have been told this information by African heads of states,” Messahel claimed.Refusing to consider the Kingdom as an example for investment in Africa, Messahel also accused Morocco’s state-owned carrier, Royal Air Maroc of “carrying something other than passengers” to African destinations.The Algerian foreign minister said that for doing business in North Africa now, there is no “better country than Algeria.”The attack of the Algerian official comes on the heel of Morocco’s successful positioning as a trusted leader in Africa thanks to the African policy adopted by King Mohammed VI over the past 15 years.Morocco’ success in the continent, crowned by its triumphant reintegration to the African Union (UA) in January after thirty-three years of absence, has put Algeria in a difficult spot.The claims of the Algerian foreign minister are debunked by a recent survey that placed Morocco on the top African countries for doing business.According to a survey by an Africa-based economic research institute, Morocco ranked second best African nations for foreign direct investment (FDI) while Algeria ranked seventh.The ranking of Morocco in the Index is based on its solid economic growth, strategic geographic positioning, increased foreign direct investments, import reserve ratio, and an overall favorable business environment. read more

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