Flood Mitigation Funding Open for Applications

first_imgGovernment is accepting applications from municipalities for two funding programs to help assess long- and short-term flood risks, and make infrastructure changes to reduce their vulnerability to flooding. Heavy rains, high tides, ice jams, erosion and storm surges mean flooding is an ongoing concern throughout Nova Scotia while climate change is also expected to increase the risk of flooding in the future. Some areas of the province are more vulnerable to floods than others, so it is important to identify these areas, and develop plans to mitigate their damaging effects. Financial support is available under the Flood Assessment Fund and Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program. “Floods can have a devastating impact on families, communities and the economy,” said Environment Minister Randy Delorey. “We can’t prevent floods, but knowing which areas of the province are at greater risk will allow us to better manage their damaging effects.” The Flood Assessment Fund, now in its second year, helps municipalities identify areas at risk of flooding, and develop strategies to limit those risks. Total funding for 2014-15 of $150,000 will cover up to 50 per cent of eligible expenses. The deadline for applications is July 1. Funds can be used to develop: The Flood Assessment Fund application form and guidelines for applicants are available online at www.novascotia.ca/nse/ . The second funding program is the Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program through the Department of Municipal Affairs, which provides vulnerable municipalities with financial support to implement solutions that mitigate the impact of floods. “This is an excellent example of the province working together with our municipalities to protect Nova Scotians and their property,” said Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey. “The program will help communities to strengthen dykes, stabilize river banks, improve flow monitoring, remove sediment and take other steps to reduce the damage caused by flooding.” The total available for infrastructure funding for 2014-15 is $700,000. The fund will support 50 per cent of eligible expenses. The application form and guidelines for infrastructure funding are available at http://novascotia.ca/dma/funding/infrastructure/flood-risk-infrastructure-investment-program.asp , and applications are due by May 30. information and maps identifying flood-prone areas, as well as the extent of their potential effects possible solutions to help lessen the damaging effects of floods such as policy and planning, infrastructure and public engagement communications to people and partners through educational materials and toolslast_img read more

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