Shocking Stories of Moroccans Abducted by Algerian Army

Rabat- Following last month’s incident when an Algerian soldier entered Moroccan territory and arrested three Moroccans, Morocco’s Daily Al Massae published a new investigative report on Thursday that shed light on the untold stories of Moroccan citizens who have been abducted and jailed by the Algerian Army.Most of those abducted by the Algerian Army were shepherds. One victim was Boujamaa Touil, who was abducted from the Moroccan territory and had his 160 sheep seized by the Algerian Army.Boujamaa was taken to Algeria where he was sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment. He spent only one month in prison, and then he was granted a pardon on the eve of Algeria’s National Holiday. Abdelkader Ettaouil, another Moroccan shepherd, was taken from the Moroccan territory in Oued Jedid by an Algerian military patrol while he was grazing his herd of sheep.Abdlekader was transported to Algeria for trial. The judge accused him of entering Algerian territory illegally and sentenced him to two years and four months in prison. The judge ignored the fact that he was arrested in the Moroccan territory, although the Moroccan suspect tried to make this argument in his defense.Al Massae also told the story of Ammari El Bachiri, who was abducted from Ayn Cheaair, located in the southeast of Morocco near Bouarfa, on the border with Algeria. Ammari was abducted by the Algerian Army in Moroccan territory while he was collecting medicinal herbs that grow in the area.Several of people interview by Al Massae stated that the Algerian Army open fires on Moroccan citizens at the border from time to time, saying that they communicate with lead rather than words.The most recent Algerian attack on Moroccan citizens dates to October 2014, when members of the Algerian army shot Moroccan citizens at the border, leaving one person seriously injured.Edited by Timothy Filla© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more

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